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FormRev DateCategory
203(k) Limited - Max Mortgage Worksheet - Purchase3/15/2016HUD/FHA
203(k) Limited - Max Mortgage Worksheet - Refinance3/15/2016HUD/FHA
203(k) Standard - Max Mortgage Worksheet - Purchase3/15/2016HUD/FHA
203(k) Standard - Max Mortgage Worksheet - Refinance3/15/2016HUD/FHA
203k Borrower's Acknowledgement8/23/2010HUD/FHA
203k Borrower's Identity of Interest Certification9/13/2011HUD/FHA
203k Contractor Acceptance Form11/2/2015HUD/FHA
203K Contractor Proposal11/15/2013HUD/FHA
203K Contractors Final Release and Waiver of Lien7/11/2013HUD/FHA
203k Contractors Responsibilities4/7/2016HUD/FHA
203K Draw Request1/30/2015HUD/FHA
203k Homeowner-Contractor Agreement11/2/2015HUD/FHA
203K IRS W-910/18/2013HUD/FHA
203k Loan Disbursement Guide4/15/2015HUD/FHA
203k Rehabilitation Loan Agreement8/23/2010HUD/FHA
203k Rehabilitation Loan Rider to Mortgage Deed of Trust8/23/2010HUD/FHA
203k Rehabilitation Self Help Agreement1/12/2011HUD/FHA
203K Request for Acceptance of Change10/13/2016FHA New Construction
203K Request for Acceptance of Change10/13/2016HUD/FHA
203k Self Help1/12/2011HUD/FHA
4506T Form - Request for Transcript of Tax Return3/4/2016Federal Disclosures
Affiliated Business Arrangement Disclosure9/13/2016Federal Disclosures
All Agencies - Principal Curtailments4/13/2016Matrices
Anti-Steering Loan Options Disclosure3/24/2015Federal Disclosures
Appraisal Notice4/22/2014Federal Disclosures
Appraisal Transfer Request4/13/2015Michigan Mutual
Appraisal Valuation Timing Waiver6/26/2015Federal Disclosures
Appraiser Independence Requirements - Lender Acknowledgement5/27/2011Federal Disclosures
Approved Housing Counseling Notice - Interactive3/27/2014Federal Disclosures
Attorney Opinion Letter1/18/2013Michigan Mutual
Borrower's Certification & Authorization1/1/0001Federal Disclosures
Builders Certification of Plans & Specs3/1/2016FHA New Construction
CA - Earthquake Insurance Disclosure3/6/2015State Disclosures
CA - Fair Lending Notice (BRE)3/17/2014State Disclosures
CA - Fair Lending Notice (DBO)3/25/2014State Disclosures
CA - Hazard Insurance Disclosure2/3/2014State Disclosures
Certification of Disability of Handicap1/1/0001USDA Rural Development
Change of Circumstance Wholesale - Interactive11/4/2015Federal Disclosures
Child Care Statement2/22/2013VA
Closing Disclosure Fee Sheet11/7/2016Michigan Mutual
CO - Net Tangible Benefit Form1/1/0001State Disclosures
Condominium Lender Certification10/10/2011HUD/FHA
Consent to Proceed with Appraisal Form- Correspondent11/9/2015Michigan Mutual
Consent to Proceed with Appraisal wholesale form11/9/2015Michigan Mutual
Conventional Condo Questionnaire4/3/2015Conventional/Common
Conventional Overlay Matrix - New!3/6/2017Matrices
Conventional Underwriting Guideline Supplement - New!4/3/2017Guidelines and Policies
Counseling Checklist for Military Homebuyers12/3/2010VA
DC - Finance Agreement12/16/2013State Disclosures
DC - Mortgage Disclosure Form4/25/2011State Disclosures
Debt Questionnaire12/3/2010VA
Document Upload Demo7/24/2014Michigan Mutual
E-Delivery Instructions for CD11/1/2016Michigan Mutual
E-Sign Instructions11/1/2016Michigan Mutual
FACTA Act Risk Based Disclosure1/1/2011Federal Disclosures
FHA - For Your Protection Get a Home Inspection9/8/2015HUD/FHA
FHA - HUD Addendum to Uniform Residential Loan Application8/20/2014HUD/FHA
FHA - Important Notice to Homebuyers11/1/2014HUD/FHA
FHA - Informed Consumer Choice Disclosure Notice1/21/2015HUD/FHA
FHA - Loan Underwriting & Transmittal Summary4/30/2014HUD/FHA
FHA - New Construction Subteranean Termite Service Record (Form HUD-NPMA-99-B)8/1/2008FHA New Construction
FHA - Subterranean Termite Protection Builder's Guarantee (Form HUD-NPMA-99-A)8/1/2008FHA New Construction
FHA - Warranty of Completion4/30/2014FHA New Construction
FHA 4000.1 - $100 Down12/5/2016Matrices
FHA 4000.1 - High Balance 12/5/2016Matrices
FHA 4000.1 - HUD REO12/5/2016Matrices
FHA 4000.1 - Limited 203(k)12/19/2016Matrices
FHA 4000.1 - Standard12/5/2016Matrices
FHA 4000.1 - Standard 203(k)12/5/2016Matrices
FHA 4000.1 Streamline Maximum Mortgage Worksheet5/19/2016HUD/FHA
FHA 4000.1 Underwriting Guidelines - New!4/17/2017Guidelines and Policies
FHA Amendatory Clause & Real Estate Certification1/1/0001HUD/FHA
FHA ARM Disclosure1/1/0001Federal Disclosures
FHA Case Assignment Transfer Request10/3/2014HUD/FHA
FHA Case Assignment Transfer Request10/3/2014Michigan Mutual
FHA Condo Questionnaire5/1/2013HUD/FHA
FHA Multi-Unit or Hotel Transient Form - HUD 925614/16/2013HUD/FHA
FHA New Construction Requirements At-A-Glance1/1/2012FHA New Construction
Finance Charges12/10/2009Michigan Mutual
FL - Advance Fee Disclosure3/24/2014State Disclosures
FL - Disclosure of Conflicting Interest3/25/2014State Disclosures
FL - Notice of Material Changes3/24/2014State Disclosures
FL - Statement of Anti-Coercion3/24/2014State Disclosures
Form RD 3555-21 Request for SFH Loan Guarantee7/9/2015USDA Rural Development
Gift Letter2/6/2015Michigan Mutual
Homepath Disclosure1/7/2013Federal Disclosures
HUD REO Sales Contract3/5/2014HUD/FHA
IL - Borrower Information Document12/30/2011State Disclosures
IL - Description of Underwriting Criteria & Required Documentation12/30/2011State Disclosures
IL - GFE of Charges to be Paid by Seller9/15/2014State Disclosures
Important Notice of VA Loan Borrower Rights12/7/2010VA
IN - Home Protection Notice/Right to Inspect CD12/18/2015State Disclosures
IN - Mortgage Broker Fee Agreement Disclosure3/24/2014State Disclosures
IN - Notice of Right to Receive HUD-111/30/2010State Disclosures
Interactive Request for Certificate of Eligibility12/3/2010VA
Jumbo Select Underwriting Guidelines - New!2/27/2017Guidelines and Policies
KS - Disclosure Required by Law4/25/2011State Disclosures
KS - Mortgage Business Act Disclosure4/25/2011State Disclosures
Loan Amount Calculation Worksheet - IRRRL (VA 26-8923)5/17/2013VA
Loan Amount Calculation Worksheet - Purchase/Cash Out Refi9/25/2015VA
Loan Analysis Worksheet12/3/2010VA
Loan Officer Compensation Agreement Rev 12/30/201312/30/2013Michigan Mutual
Loan Officer Compensation Questionnaire2/4/2013Michigan Mutual
Loan Submission / Rate Lock Request Form2/6/2013Michigan Mutual
LPMI Disclosure1/15/2013Conventional/Common
MD - Financing Agreement1/14/2014State Disclosures
MD - Net Tangible Benefit Worksheet7/23/2010State Disclosures
MD - Notice Regarding Housing Counseling1/1/2011State Disclosures
ME - Material Consumer Protection Notice12/15/2011State Disclosures
ME - Required Broker Disclosure4/25/2011State Disclosures
MI - Bill of Rights & Consumer Caution Notice1/1/2014State Disclosures
MiMutual Broker Submission Sheet3/2/2016Michigan Mutual
MiMutual Correspondent Submission Sheet3/2/2016Michigan Mutual
MMI - eDelivery Consent Disclosure Interactive 4-13-20158/5/2015Michigan Mutual
MMI - HPML Disclosure4/21/2015Federal Disclosures
MMI - Mortgage Broker Fee Agreement 8-20166/14/2016Michigan Mutual
MMI - Multi State Tangible Net Benefit (AR NM NC SC VA WV TX)1/9/2013State Disclosures
MMI Lock Policy11/17/2016Michigan Mutual
NC - Notice of Information4/25/2011State Disclosures
NC - Right to Select Attorney4/25/2011State Disclosures
NJ - Attorney Representation Disclosure9/15/2014State Disclosures
NJ - New Jersey Disclosure9/17/2014State Disclosures
NJ - Property Insruance Disclosure9/17/2014State Disclosures
Notice to Homeowner1/1/0001HUD/FHA
OH - Business Relationship Disclosure Notice12/2/2013State Disclosures
OH - Equal Opportunity Notice11/27/2013State Disclosures
OH - Home Mortgage Information Disclosure Acknowledgement4/25/2011State Disclosures
OH - Home Mortgage Informational Disclosure 2017 - New!2/1/2017State Disclosures
OH - Mortgage Loan Originator Disclosure (MLODs)4/1/2014State Disclosures
OH - Mortgage Loan Originator Disclosure (MLODs) Addendum4/1/2014State Disclosures
OH - Notice of Change in Terms11/20/2013State Disclosures
OH - Notice of Escrow of Taxes & Regular Monthly Payment Interactive9/15/2014State Disclosures
PA - Disclosure of Refundability4/25/2011State Disclosures
Patriot Act Disclosure1/1/0001Federal Disclosures
Pre-CD information11/7/2016Michigan Mutual
Privacy Policy Disclosure4/21/2015Federal Disclosures
Property Inspection Waiver and Property Listing Affidavit1/1/0001Conventional/Common
Rate Lock/Float Agreement11/30/2010Federal Disclosures
RD Income Disclosure7/9/2015USDA Rural Development
Report and Certification of Loan Disbursement12/3/2010VA
Reservist/National Guard Certification5/2/2014VA
Rural Development - Standard12/5/2016Matrices
Rural Development Underwriting Guidelines - New!4/17/2017Guidelines and Policies
Sale of Servicing Disclosure1/1/0001Federal Disclosures
SC - Attorney & Insurance Preference Checklist Disclosure7/2/2012State Disclosures
SSA-89 (Authorization for the SSA to Release SSN Verification)6/1/2013Federal Disclosures
Thermal Certificate12/28/2012USDA Rural Development
TIP Zone Map12/3/2010VA
TRID Explanation Disclosure10/2/2015Federal Disclosures
TX - Mortgage Banker Disclosure3/27/2014State Disclosures
TX - Mortgage Company Disclosure5/13/2014State Disclosures
Unmarried Surviving Spouse Determination Request for Loan Eligibility12/3/2010VA
USDA 1980-21 Request for Single Family Housing Loan Guarantee - Rev 02/20132/13/2013USDA Rural Development
VA - High Balance1/23/2017Matrices
VA - IRRRL - New!4/17/2017Matrices
VA - Notification to Mortgage Application4/25/2011State Disclosures
VA - Standard12/5/2016Matrices
VA ARM Disclosure6/9/2011VA
VA Checklist - Request for VA Recognition of an Agent - Rev 10/1/201310/1/2013VA
VA Escape Clause (Amendatory Clause)1/12/2016VA
VA IRRRL Rate Reduction Certification5/21/2013VA
VA IRRRL Safe Harbor Worksheet3/9/2016VA
VA Notice to Homeowner12/3/2010VA
VA Regional Loan Centers12/3/2010VA
VA Request for Determination of Reasonable Value12/3/2010VA
VA Underwriting Guidelines - New!2/27/2017Guidelines and Policies
Value Reconsideration Form 10 28 201310/28/2013Michigan Mutual
Verification of VA Benefit Related Indebtedness12/3/2010VA
Veteran ARM Certification3/31/2011VA
Veteran Certification - Closest Living Relative3/31/2011VA
Water Quality Charts6/29/2010HUD/FHA
Water Quality Charts6/29/2010USDA Rural Development
Water Testing Requirements12/3/2010VA
WV - Net Tangible Benefit Worksheet7/10/2012State Disclosures