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Here you can request accounts be created or removed for individuals of active and approved Brokers. For Michigan Mutual website accounts, use the grid to enumerate add/remove requests and complete all required information. For AUS/eMagic accounts, click the corresponding title bar and browse the information provided. Please contact us if you are not an active or approved broker or should you experience any difficulties or require further assistance.
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Michigan Mutual, Inc. has enhanced website security to help provide confidentiality. The website offers two levels of access:

  • Access level 1 - Owner Access: Allows a user to see all loans in the company pipeline
  • Access level 2 - Loan Officer Access: Allows a user to see only his or her files

Please complete the following information for all individuals requiring website access.

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Click Add user to list; then the checkmark to save user
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  By entering your name above you are electronically 'signing' and hereby do authorize this request.
It is MMI's policy to obtain authorization to add or delete access to web users
Helpful Tips Include: Company Name, Michigan Mutual Broker ID, indicate if adding or removing users, and branch name if applicable.
For new users include: Full Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Fax Number(if applicable), and Access Level.
Access FNMA website & request MMI added as lender. MMI will issue approval upon receipt of emailed FNMA notification.

FannieMae Web Site:

FNMA Single Family Tech Support info:
  • 1-877-722-6757 Monday - Friday 9:00 am to 8:00 pm EST