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FormRev DateCategory
Conventional Underwriting Guideline Supplement - New!4/16/2018Guidelines and Policies
FHA 4000.1 Underwriting Guidelines - New!3/12/2018Guidelines and Policies
Jumbo Underwriting Guidelines - New!3/26/2018Guidelines and Policies
Rural Development Underwriting Guidelines - New!3/26/2018Guidelines and Policies
VA Underwriting Guidelines - New!4/16/2018Guidelines and Policies
All Agencies - Derogatory Credit Matrix7/10/2017Matrices
All Agencies - Principal Curtailments4/13/2016Matrices
Conventional HomeStyle Renovation Matrix - New!4/16/2018Matrices
Conventional HomeStyle Renovation vs FHA 203(k) - New!4/2/2018Matrices
Conventional Overlay Matrix - New!4/2/2018Matrices
FHA $100 Down - New!1/22/2018Matrices
FHA 203(k) vs Conventional HomeStyle Renovation - New!4/2/2018Matrices
FHA High Balance - New!1/22/2018Matrices
FHA HUD REO - New!1/22/2018Matrices
FHA Limited 203(k) - New!1/22/2018Matrices
FHA Standard - New!1/22/2018Matrices
FHA Standard 203(k) - New!1/22/2018Matrices
Jumbo Comparison Matrix - New!3/5/2018Matrices
Rural Development - Standard - New!1/22/2018Matrices
VA High Balance - New!1/22/2018Matrices
VA IRRRL - New!1/22/2018Matrices
VA Standard - New!4/16/2018Matrices