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After submitting your MiMutual website user name in the box below and clicking submit, you will be directed to the website of your assigned AMC. Please be certain to order the appropriate type of appraisal for your specific loan needs.
NOTE: Appraisals for VA loans MUST be submitted directly through VA.
Please Review: Documentation Required to process all orders
Currently, we are receiving a lot of incomplete orders. This greatly impacts our ability to interview and assign orders in a timely fashion.

Please make sure the following items are provided when placing orders:
  • A purchase Agreement must accompany any purchase order.
  • Please make sure that you have a current and complete FHA case number for all FHA orders. (Including the adp code)
  • Please provide the loan number on all orders.
  • For all 203k requests, please submit bids with the request.
All documentation requested above is needed in order to completely place an order. If any of the above is missing, this requires your order to go in to a delayed status and greatly extends the process.
Effective immediately:
Any order submitted without all of the needed documentation will be cancelled and an email will be sent requesting the specific documents. However, the process will not begin without all required documents.